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Origins | Wayne Powers Apothecary

November 24, 2014

Origins | Wayne Powers Apothecary

I love my job!! Most people can't say this with a true smile on their face.

I’ve been working as a Hair Artist for more than 20 years. And I still learn something new every single day!

I can honestly say that I never set out to create my own products! For about 5 years, I only used big brands. The kind of big box brands that make more than $800 million dollars a year.

Over time, I started seeing huge flaws with their products. They were very limited in what they could do and how they made the hair feel after each use.

To help my clients create their “look” at home, they had to buy three or more products and that’s not including shampoo or conditioner.

I knew there had to be a better way. After a lot of thinking and praying, I decided to try my hand at creating products. It seemed overwhelming. At the time, I thought it would be impossible! Not being a chemist didn’t help. Plus, I was never even good with math!

After an exhausting search, I found two companies I could work with. They supported my vision for creating what I wanted and how I wanted each product to be made. 

It was time to take a deep breath and start. I knew that I could make products that would work wonders for my clients.

As a small company, I couldn't do everything that I wanted to right away. So, my challenge was to begin with seven products that would transform my clients' hair as soon as they used them. Since coloring hair is my specialty, they had to be something a colorist could trust on colored hair! 

My goal was to merge cutting-edge science and the supernatural powers of Mother Nature. Now, this in itself isn’t a new idea. My challenge was pushing it farther than what labs were usually comfortable with.

Second, each product had to do at least two jobs well. Light and shadow. Salt and pepper. Yin and yang. Two-Spirited. Opposite sides of a coin. When both come together, they are better than one.

For instance, a Volumizing product for Straight hair would also work magic on Curly hair. Unlike the 'big box brands' that promise the moon and stars, but can’t deliver, my products work. Times two! And sometimes way more than that! 

Last, my products must be "Made in the USA!" My partners and I search the world for exotic ingredients, botanical, butters and extracts. Then we bring them home to create jobs in America! American jobs and ingenuity will always be first priority for WPA! 

Our clients are amazing creative people. Feedback was incredible. And after listening to them for more than a year, we began creating products inspired by them! 

My client's energy was feeding my soul. Everywhere I went, ideas for products were coming fast and furious. Luxurious and natural moisturizing cold-pressed soaps with intoxicating smells were intoxicating. I knew we had to create these soaps for clients! And because we’re a Southern company I knew the scents should be reminders of the gorgeous South, my childhood in it and my what my clients have experienced while living in the South. 

After an exhaustive search, I found the perfect soap maker. I pitched her my idea. I wanted cold-pressed soaps made with raw Shea Butter and enriching Argan Oil. I don't know how, but she finally made it happen!

With her help, I created the Apothecaries signature scent—Charleston Sweetgrass and Magnolia. It was stunning! Perfect! Clean and distinctive! Then, we added Tangerine and Verbena. Then came "1972", an intoxicating blend of Patchouli and Dragons Blood with hint of cinnamon to spice things up.

My clients loved the soaps. They wanted the soap scents everywhere. So we started making beautiful candles to waft the same scents throughout their homes. 

From there we added body lotions. Orange You Lucky Argan Oil Body Milk and Butter Me Up Shea Butter and Argan Oil Healing Body Butter. They were immediate best sellers!

And then I realized that my product vision had expanded far past hair. "Hair products" was no longer an accurate description for my line. That’s when I knew I had to change the name and the mission of product line.

That’s how Wayne Powers Apothecary was born. Our mission is our tagline statement, “Prescriptions for a Beautiful Life.”

Our goal is all about bringing beauty into your life! It could be a cut or color at our Salon Wellness Center that makes a clerk at the wine store ask for your ID. It could be a product for your hair, that makes your husband think he's seeing you for the first time. It could be a candle that makes your mother say, "your house always smells so clean and beautiful when I come over." It could be as simple as feeling so fresh from a body scrub that you mean it when you say, "I love being me!"

We love beauty in all its forms and we always love your thoughts and ideas. With your support, we'll continue to make beautiful products.

We are Southern charm and gracious living.

We love being a Southern lifestyle brand!

You are the reason we do what we do.

To bath, body, and beyond!


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