Enjoy free shipping for all US orders $85+

Enjoy free shipping for all US orders $85+

Tea Olive (Osmanthus) Body Safe Soy Candle

Tea Olive just floats through the air during Southern Summers!

It’s so fresh and floral but never cloyingly so.

The scent is a delicate scent that took me over two years to create.

I had created a base for it and it smelled great but just didn’t have that special quality I was looking for.

One day while I was picking some for the Apothecary (we have a huge tree in our yard) I noticed that if you took the flower off the stem you were left with a drop of liquid much like a honeysuckle. So I tasted it. And much to my surprise it had a sweet flavor much like a honeysuckle.

So I immediately got the base and found some Honeysuckle oil and added a few drops. And after playing with ratios it became the scent that evaded me for years! I am so proud of this scent! It’s truly a one of a kind. And if you love the smell of Tea Olives then you’ll love our Tea Olive Body Safe Soy Candle! 


Soy has memory so to get the best results burn your candle until the pool of wax is at least half inch deep. Burn your candle for 2-3 hours for the first burn. You’ll enjoy your candle up to 60 hours. Trim the wick after each use.

All Natural and Clean Burning. Paraffin-free. Non Lead Wick. Phthalate Free. More than 50% Soy Blend.

Keep the container once your candle has burned out! They’re easy to clean and reuse! We love to use them as drinking glasses at home and the Apothecary. Makes great whiskey glasses