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The Fixer Sugar Cane & Ginseng Shaping Spray

The Fixer Sugar Cane & Ginseng Shaping Spray is the hairspray for people who don't like hairspray. It has little to no build up so it’s great for men who need hold but aren't into 'hairspray'.


Developed as a dry workable spray; it has a light hold, glamorous shine, total recall and never flakes! It leaves hair brushable for restyling. It’s no wonder it is one of our bestsellers.


Certified organic ingredients help prevent damage caused by environmental stress, thermal heat, and sun exposure. UV/UVB protectants keep the sun from damaging your hair and fading your color. These natural extracts moisturize, control static, and resist humidity.


I prescribe The Fixer for people who what hold and don't want to wash their hair frequently.