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Beardicure Beard Hair & Body Conditioner

Beardicure Beard Conditioner tames the wild beast in any beard!  Infused with natural peppermint to cool, refresh, and moisturize your whiskers. It'll make them soft, manageable, and itch-free!  After cleansing with with Beardacious Beard, Hair, & Body Wash, apply a small amount throughout the beard. Allow it to sit and soften those coarse whiskers. Then rinse.

True to Wayne Powers Apothecary form of multi-tasking products - this doubles as a fantastic shaving cream. Peppermint opens pores, keeping pulling and tugging from shaving to a minimum; And also helps razors glide over skin to minimize nicks and curly hair getting tangled in your shaving equipment.

Beardicure also triples as a wonderful conditioner for your hair! Now instead of carrying around three or more products in your dock bag for the gym you only need two. Can’t get much simpler and better for your beard, hair or skin!