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Enjoy free shipping for all US orders $85+

Charlestonian Southern Bourbon Men’s Beard + Facial Oil

Charlestonian Beard Oil is packed with the best natural oils; moisturizing argan, jojoba, hazelnut, grapeseed, coconut, castor, and rosehip seed oils. This unique blend of astringent, healing, and plant-rich oils also includes glycerin, aloe, vitamin E, and Japanese green tea leaf extract. I created a product I wanted for my beard; using only the very best ingredients, oils, extracts.


Charleston is an elegant, regal city that I wanted to match its grandeur in a scent that men would wear and women would love to smell on their men!  Bourbon Gernaium was the solution. It not only smells fantastic but works wonders moisturizing skin, balancing skin's normal sebum and is a known collagen booster.


We added the sweet, woody aroma of Indian sandalwood and some aged bourbon vanilla for its sensual, creamy warmness. Once we had the perfect ratio of each, I was floored at how beautiful it was. It is manly, but unisex. Stately but demure. It sums Charleston up! And so Charlestonian Southern Bourbon Beard Oil was born.

Charlestonian Beard Oil is a wonderful pre-shaving, shaving, and softening oil. It is also an outstanding skin primer when used under shaving cream. It conditions your beard while keeping the scruff from tearing up your skin. This soothing oil goes deep into your skin to prevent flaking and itching. Use it daily and grow your beard to any length possible.


If you're bald, it's amazing for scalps that need moisturizer and some loving. Believe me I know!