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Enjoy free shipping for all US orders $85+

About Wayne Powers

Hey y’all, I’m Wayne Powers and this is my story. You’ve stepped in at about chapter 20, where I have wrestled my demons and feelings of unworthiness; and come out the other side committed to use my talents to help clients look and feel their best, but at its core it is about helping others with self-acceptance and living a beautiful life - unconditionally.

This is my story. I hope it can help even one person who feels lost, to feel encouraged. “I know how you feel, I’ve been there”

Growing up gay in the South can be an isolating and scary place. As a result of always being treated like an outsider and feeling like I would never belong or be accepted for my authentic self, I turned to drugs to dull the emotional pain. The hair styling profession offered me a glimmer of hope - a place where I could fit in as a gay man.

I threw myself into my training and early years as a stylist in New York City. Words cannot describe the sense of pride and purpose I found helping clients with their hair and more importantly, their sense of worthiness. 
Color me surprised when I learned that even the most beautiful, seemingly ‘got it all together’ people struggled with low self-esteem. So, by helping clients FEEL good about their hair, I was changing their outlook on life. 

Who better to remind clients to love themselves NOW, exactly as they are?

The next chapter in the Wayne Powers story started after I had been in the beauty and salon business for more than 20 years. At the time, I was using one of the big box salon products, but was less impressed each day and wasn’t seeing any change in my client’s hair. Plus, the typical salon environment pushes more and more products with a “profits first” approach. That is not the authentic Wayne Powers approach, and it needed to change! 

After much fussing, thought and prayer, I took things into my own hands and began researching and creating my own line of products. It took some sweat and tears to meet my standards for performance and be multi-versatile and concentrated to ensure that less is more! 

I set out to offer the best ingredients I could find from around the world and I wanted each product to have more than one function. I’m so proud to offer luxurious shampoos that double as body washes and products that both give your hair volume while helping it curl at the same time - a beautiful efficiency. 

Wayne Powers Apothecary was born with seven products that changed the game for me and my clients!  My clients immediately saw and felt the difference in their hair.