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About Wayne Powers

My name is Wayne Powers and I’ve been a working hairdresser for nearly 25 years. I’ve worked with hundreds of products and product lines and tools. But as a hairdresser I never found anything that I could honestly say was “Transformational” for the hair after prolonged usage! Then one day I got fed up! I had a client that loved the new color and cut I had given her. But her hair was really damaged from being over processed at another salon. I had a line of products but I honestly knew that nothing I had would help restore her hair. That’s when I knew I needed to take action into my own hands!
I had heard about this new oil called Argan Oil. And researched its viability! I knew I was onto something. So after an exhaustive search I found a company that would help me create the “Transformational” products I wanted to use. I started out with 7 products. And all but one had Argan oil in them. I immediately started to see a difference not only in the texture of their hair but also the color! It was lasting longer! So, 
I set out to offer the best ingredients I could find from around the world.

I also wanted each product to have more than one function. I’m so proud to offer luxurious shampoos that double as body washes and products that both give your hair volume while helping it curl at the same time - a beautiful efficiency. Wayne Powers Apothecary was born!

Then years later I became acutely aware of clients coming in with breakage especially around their faces. And after asking I would always hear that it was because of “my flatiron”. I use Pro Tools every day but never really thought of the long term damage they could create. That’s when I knew I had to step in again! And I created The Glidewinder Style and Flatiron. It smooths the hair in one pass! Which is so important for the integrity of the hair! Plus it makes the most beautiful curls! We used Ceramic Tourmaline Plates that were embedded with Diamond Dust. We used the best components and created one of the best Flatirons on the market! Then I wanted to create a Curling Wand. We used the same technology creating a synergy within our line of Pro Tools. We called it Rewindr Reverse Tapered Curling Wand. We did a reverse tapered barrel so that the client could get more volume at the root and also create different types of curls or waves from one Curling Wand.
At this point we knew we had to add a blowdryer to the mix. So we came out with our bestselling “Blowr 1875 Blowdryer” which helps to blow dry your hair in half the time! And that’s no lie!!!! Just look at the testimonies on FB or Instagram.  
Currently, we’re at work on a Volumizing iron called    The Teasr. It will change the way women are able to create volume in their hair!

And I’m constantly on the lookout for new ingredients, accessories, or components for Pro Tools that would make your life easier when it comes to styling your hair!
I started this because of all the wonderful clients that sit in my chair everyday of the week! And I continue to do this for them and for you! I want to be your hairdresser too! So, come sit in my chair and let’s talk about your hair. I promise you’ll leave with the best “Transformational Haircare” and Pro Tools available!