Enjoy free shipping for all US orders $85+

Enjoy free shipping for all US orders $85+

About Wayne Powers Apothecary

Wayne Powers Apothecary Affordable Luxury and Decadence

My philosophy at Wayne Powers Apothecary is to curate and have my hands in every single product with the goal of bringing luxury and decadence into your home. Everything I do is infused with gracious living and Southern charm. 

Each product's story is unique. Each fragrance's inspiration is from scents that were part of my childhood or of the smells from adventures that left indelible marks on my soul.

When I'm creating products, I always think about who I'm creating them for — You! 

My hearts wants you to sing with joy when you use my products. I want you to feel so amazing in your own skin that you dance when you've applied our lotions. I want you to pause and feel appreciation for your wondrous life when you smell our candles and soaps.

I want you to feel the love that goes into everything me and my team do. I want you to Indulge and Love yourself so you’ll have more Love to give. I'm sharing "Prescriptions For A Beautiful Life!" 

Every Wayne Powers Apothecary product must meet my four most rigid standards:

  1. Products must be 'Made in America!' Let's bring great jobs back to the USA! The more Wayne Powers Apothecary grows, the more American families we can support.
  2. Products must be highly concentrated! When I tell you to literally use a pea size amount, I mean it! A little of my products go a long way! I have products formulated this way so that you always get what you pay for — and more!!
  3. Products must have more than one function. I love the challenge of creating multi-functional products so that you get more value.
  4. I use organic and natural ingredients, botanicals, butters and extracts in our products. We love adding Argan Oil, Shea Butter, Rose Oil and/or Honey where possible. However, not all products lend themselves to these ingredients and I'm okay with that! 

My products are proudly Made in the USA with a combination of Cutting-Edge Science and Mother Nature, a nod to the past, and a Southern T’wang!