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1972 Patchouli & Dragonsblood Room & Body Spray

Escape into the wonderland of the 70’s! Disco balls, bell bottom pants, and the smell of pot always swirling through the air!

Our  A-Room-A-Therapy 1972; Patchouli & Dragonsblood evokes the scents, sounds & happenings of the 70's. You can smell of incense that  filled the air.

These two power houses of Patchouli & Dragonsblood have been favorites in the 70's & continue to be to this day!

Bring back the vibes  with a single spray making your home a veritable disco tech.

The 70's have returned. And like most people you will love 1972; Patchouli & Dragonsblood!

Can also be used as a body spray as well. A great spray for centering your mind & spirit. And one that's makes you want to listen to some vinyl Fleetwood Mac!