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Aloe Ha' Organic Body Wash Cream Hydrant for After Sun Healing

Aloe Ha’ is your way to beautiful skin! This creamy 'no suds' body wash is a thirst quencher for your dry, thirsty, sunburned skin. Aloe Ha’ is a dream come true on days spent sunbathing! This innovative Creme Wash is like nothing on the shelves!

Infused with incredible ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, MSM, niacinamide, honey, organic argan oil and naturally hydrating and healing aloe vera your skin will praise you from on high!

Prescribed to anyone that loves the sun! This product was created with ingredients to target sunburn and skin in need of healing! It helps take away the red from sunburn with the fabulous ingredient niacinamide while giving your skin the moisture it needs to heal itself!

If it feels weird to use as a “Wash” then gently clean your skin with one of WPA’s Argan Oil Shea Butter Soaps first. Then apply to skin allowing it to stay on as long as possible. Then gently rinse. It not only hydrates the skin immediately it heals it as well! This innovative product is a Wayne Powers Apothecary creation! There’s is nothing like it on the market. We looked high and wide to see what was out there to realize there wasn’t anything that could touch Aloe Ha’s strength in healing because of it’s incredible ingredient deck! 

You’ll also love the delicate scent reminiscent of tanning butters and beachside resorts! 

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