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Beardacious Beard, Hair, Body Wash

Beardacious Beard, Hair & Body Wash is a wonderful cleanser for any beard type, hair and body all in one. Gentle enough for the face but strong enough to cleanse and help tame curly, coarse beard hair. Whether you have a thick lumberjack beard or delicate peach fuzz, your skin will feel comfortable and itch-free.

Beardacious uses peppermint and tea tree oils for outstanding lubrication. Both natural oils are gentle cleansing agents to wash your beard clean while refreshing the skin beneath! When using as a shampoo or body wash, the peppermint and tea tree oils soothe the skin; delivering moisture and healing benefits.

Only the best ingredients. No alcohol. No parabens. Approved by men - Loved by women.

Beard On!