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Blackberry Pickin's A-Room-A-Therapy Aromatic Room & Body Spray

Enjoy this grounding scent created in memory of my grandfather, a P.O.W. in WW2. He had a zest for life. And this scent sums him up perfectly! It was prompted by our summer excursions picking blackberries. We both loved blackberry pie & we'd work hard getting enough for at least two pies!

The Blakbeery notes that float to the top are bright but not too fruity & not too berry at the same time. It's more of a true scented "Berry". Then we added cassis & bergamot at the heart of the fragrance and grounded it with Amber and a few other proprietary notes.

This fragrance has also been a bestseller from conception in our Southern Scent Collection. An excellent choice for anyone wanting fragrance thats not in your face but still strongly scented & is a wonderfully unisex scent. I Prescibe this to almost everyone. I haven't met many clients that haven't loved this scent. I know my Paw Paw would love it! It's one of those scents that grabs you by the nose & your head over heels for it at first scent!