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C2: Cleanse & Condition CoWash Cleansing Conditioner 12 oz.

C2 Cleanse & Condition is a CoWash Cleanser - which means it’s literally a Cleansing Conditioner.  Washing every day is too much for most people’s hair. It's not healthy for hair or scalp; it dries both out! ….Which is where C2 comes in.

We use natural extracts of ivy, fenugreek and burdock; all known for their ability to remove and regulate hair's natural sebum. Peppermint Oil is a wonderful scalp stimulate and aids in cleansing the hair!

We recommend using a WPA shampoo at least one to 3 times a week to cleanse your hair and scalp of greasiness and product build up. Alternate with C2 every other shampoo or every three shampoos to keep the perfect balance. Find a routine that works for your hair.

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