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Charleston Sweetgrass & Magnolia A-Room-A-Therapy Aromatic Room & Body Spray

This clean, warm & inviting fragrance will have all your guest wondering what it is! With notes of Sweetgrass, Magnolia, Hyacinth, Lily of the valley & a slight hint of vanilla musk to round this off its been a Classic from day one!

This was the first scent we ever created and has become our “signature” scent!

Its such a “clean” scent that everyone loves it! Even people that normally can’t burn candles because of allergies. When crafting all of our scents we use phthalate free scents. This is what most people are allergic to. 

It's an homage to our grand city of Charleston & is a bestseller in every category!

It doesn't disappoint!

Prescribed to anyone that loves the smell of a clean scent with a slight floral accent. And anyone in love with Charleston!