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Blackberry Pickin's Body Safe Soy Candle

Me & my Paw Paw always foraged together like little squirrels. Whether it was pecan trees at my Aunt Marie's house or black walnuts or muscadines, we always shared a love for picking & looking for some of the South's most wonderfully natural treats.

So it goes to follow that every summer he would come over one day & it was Pickin' time. He'd have a pail & I'd have a pail. Our house was flanked by dirt roads on each side. Along these dirt roads were nothing but black gold! Ripe, juicy Blackberries. And as many as you could pick!

We'd pick for hours & come back with pails full of blackberries. Many times my grandmother or mother would make pies or we'd just eat them "southern" style with sugar sprinkled all over the top.

Blackberries are the top notes to this 100% Soy & Body Safe Candle. Added is a bit of Bergamot, Cassis & Amber. It's a perfect unisex scent. You smell berries but it's not a candle just about berries. The Amber mellows everything out & makes it perfectly divine! It would be Paw Paw approved!!!

My Paw Paw was a veteran of WWII & also a P.O.W. This candle is in memory of his bravery & his ability to come back unchanged forever. It's also one of our bestselling scents in all categories!


Soy has memory so to get the best results burn your candle until the pool of wax is at least half inch deep. Burn your candle for 2-3 hours for the first burn. You’ll enjoy your candle up to 60 hours. Trim the wick after each use.

All Natural and Clean Burning. Paraffin-free. Non Lead Wick. Phthalate Free. More than 50% Soy Blend. 

Keep the container once your candle has burned out! They’re easy to clean and reuse! We love to use them as drinking glasses at home and the Apothecary. Makes great whiskey glasses!