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Charleston Sweetgrass & Magnolia Body Candle POS

This is by far the bestselling scent we carry in soaps, candles, room sprays, & soy cubes for warmers.

It was also the first scent I ever made. I wanted to do some thing for the state because I'm so proud to live in SC! And Charleston is the epitome of Southern Class! So that's where I started.

I'm fascinated by the Gullah women who weave such beautiful, intricate Sweetgrass baskets. So I knew I wanted to integrate the sweetness of the Sweetgrass into the scent. Instinctively I knew a floral would pair perfectly with the Sweetgrass. And at the time Magnolia trees were blooming so I had the other piece to start creating  this scent.  

And what a perfect pair they are!

We added a few other notes but predominantly it's Sweetgrass & Magnolia. I decided to call it Charleston Sweetgrass & Magnolia.

The Sweetgrass tones down the Magnolia so it's not too floral & the Magnolia brings out the sweet notes in the Sweetgrass.  

And it's one of those scents you must smell for yourself to understand the simplicity & complexity of it at the same time. Charleston Sweetgrass & Magnolia Candle is 100% Eco Soy & Body safe. 

Enjoy this clean, crisp scent all year round! It’s perfect for all seasons! And because of its demand became our Siganture Scent!

 Soy has memory so to get the best results burn your candle until the pool of wax is at least half inch deep. Burn your candle for 2-3 hours for the first burn. You’ll enjoy your candle up to 60 hours. Trim the wick after each use. 

All Natural and Clean Burning. Paraffin-free. Non Lead Wick. Phthalate Free. More than 50% Soy Blend.

Keep the container once your candle has burned out! They’re easy to clean and reuse! We love to use them as drinking glasses at home and the Apothecary. Makes great whiskey glasses!