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Green as Ivy Power Wash

Green Ivy's enchanting scent invokes memories of Wild Daises, Sparkingly Lemongrass, & Green Apple.

Hints of Wet Pear, Sweet Cassis, & Creamy Blonde Wood round off the energizing fragrance.

Refresh Mind, Body & Spirit with this Power Wash.

Enriched with our MoisturePlex of Lemon Balm, Yarrow, Rosehip, & Aloe your skin will glow with youthful vigor.

Can be used as a Hair Cleanser, Body Wash, Bubble Bath, and Luxurious Hand Wash.

Green As Ivy will leave your skin soft & moisturized with a hint of this amazing energizing fragrance.

Prescribed for everyone. Excellent for travels when all you want is to take only one luxury product with you! Power Wash it!