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High Tide: Bohemian Moisture Masque for Damaged Hair

Damaged, dry, brittle hair? Quench its thirst with High Tide: Bohemian Seaweed Moisture Masque!

This groundbreaking instant deep conditioner will revive, rejuvenate, and refresh all hair types. Perfect for curls, damaged and fine hair!


A lightweight masque that adds vibrancy with an exotic blend of ingredients that promote healthy hair.

Our prescription for instant deep conditioning without the weight or the time needed for heavy repair!



  • Lightweight
  • Adds vibrancy
  • Restores hydration and strength
  • Moisturizes while keeping hair strong, shiny
  • Ideal for all hair types



  • Bamboo Extract to strengthens
  • Caffeine-promotes circulation
  • Niacinamide retains moisture
  • Spirulina Maxima Extract - protein conditioning Algae.
  • Coconut Oil for moisture and strength