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Enjoy free shipping for all US orders $85+

Honey Bee Healed Organic Body Custard for Deep Moisturizing

Honey Bee Healed is a head-to-toe healing Body Custard for all dry cracked places. It's no ordinary body lotion!

This creamy, decadent and thick moisturizer is full of anti-aging argan oil, amino acids and aloe to soothe your parched skin. This healing Custard has sea buckthorn oil, hydrating honey and sloughing fruit enzymes.

It provides lasting moisture, leaving your skin glowing and feeling like silk.

Prescribed to everyone! This is not your ordinary body creme! As a matter of fact there's nothing like it on the market!

It's perfect for anyone needing deep moisture with healing. Great for psoriasis and eczema!

The homey smell of cloves and cinnamon will have your mouth watering as you smooth it into your skin. Have no fear!

The scent dissipates and will not interfere with your favorite fragrance.

Works wonders on ashy feet! Slather on both feet then place socks over feet and leave on overnight! You’re feet will feel like babies feet! 8oz.

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