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Mango Peach Body All Natural Lotion Bar for Complete Body Moisture

This all natural Body Lotion Bar is made with shea butter, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil. These natural moisturizers melt on contact, going deeply into skin’s dermal layer. It’s so simple to use: just rub the bar across your skin. You can easily moisturize your whole body with the bar, leaving the skin feeling perfectly moisturized with anti-aging benefits.


The 4 oz. bars typically last at least a month with daily use. Our Lotion Bars are sure to change your skin - they help heal scars and stretch marks and are a ‘must have’ in anyone’s first aid kit. These Lotion Bars have become a huge hit for us!  


The sweet fragrance is like that from a bowl of ripe juicy peaches and mangoes. As you smooth it on, this sweet, but subtle fragrance will remind you of the joys of summer!


Prescribed to everyone! This is not your ordinary body creme. It's perfect for anyone needing deep moisture with healing. Great for psoriasis and eczema.


*This product cannot be shipped during summer months. The all natural ingredients could be melted by the heat by the time you receive them. That’s why our customers stock up for the summer.