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Enjoy free shipping for all US orders $85+

Mykonos Breeze Argan Oil & Shea Butter All Natural Cold Pressed Soap

Our Argan Oil & Shea Butter Soaps are made with sustainable palm oil, castor oil, and a coconut base with argan oil and shea butter added for their natural moisturizing abilities. Each soap is a labor of love, handmade in small batches to insure quality. Each soap may vary in color, thus the signature beauty of handmade goods.


Each of our signature scents is subtle but able to capture an essence, a place, a memory:


  • After having the good fortunate to visit the island of Mykonos Greece, I I knew I had to recreate the scent the island that was so intriguing and life changing.
  • The olive trees were in full bloom, flavoring the landscape with a soft floral scent while mingling with pomegranate and lemon trees along the streets.
  • The wonderfully clean scent of the sea was everywhere.
  • I knew I had to recreate the clean crisp scent of the salty sea air and blooming olive trees and the scent is so close to Mykonos that it takes me back to that island every time I smell it.
  • It’s a bestselling soap as well as one of our best selling candles, soy tarts and sprays we sell at the Apothecary.
  • The clean scent is appropriate for anyone with sensitivities to smell.
  • 5 oz.


Prescribed for anyone wanting a wonderful moisturizing, healing all natural soap with the subtle clean smell of sea!