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Enjoy free shipping for all US orders $85+

Neelie's Kitchen Roses A-Room-A-Therapy Aromatic Room & Body Spray

Bring out the roses & fill your house with love & wonderment! This is a scent for anyone that has a love affair with Roses.The dry powder down makes it more evocative & exciting. Plus it makes the scent stronger giving it a better throw.

This scent contains Victorian roses, tea roses, a dry powder down & more roses.

Created in memory of my grandmother, Francis "Neelie" Cauthen.

Each year she would have a small patch of Earth where she would grow different varieties of roses. Victorian roses were one of her favorites.  

She would have four or five rose bushes at time. Tending to each one as if a child. When they would bloom we'd go & cut a few for the house. Many sat in the kitchen window.

Nanny always smelled of Roses & powder.

I know she would love this scent! It's the perfect A-Room-A-Therapy fragrance for rose lovers. And guess what! No digging, or tending involved! Just spray! And you're surrounded by Rose gardens!

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