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Pop's Tobacco Argan Oil & Shea Butter All Natural Cold Pressed Soap

Our Argan Oil & Shea Butter Soaps are made with sustainable palm oil, castor oil, and a coconut base with argan oil and shea butter added for their natural moisturizing abilities. Each soap is a labor of love, handmade in small batches to insure quality. Each soap may vary in color, thus the signature beauty of handmade goods.


Each of our signature scents is subtle but able to capture an essence, a place, a memory:


  • This scent was created in memory of my maternal grandfather - We called him Pop. He was a gentle man of few words, prone to sitting in the sun enjoying his tobacco.
  • My memories are vivid of him filling and lighting the pipe to puff on it as the day gently went by. I would sit nearby because I loved the smell of the cherry tobacco.
  • This scent was inspired by those memories of Pop and uncle Joe.
  • It's a warm scent that gently lingers on the skin with notes of cherry added to the tobacco and honey to sweeten and warm it slightly.
  • It is a reminder of Pop’s Cherry Tobacco and childhood memories and also one of my favorite scents in soaps, candles, and soy tart warmers.
  • 5 oz.


Prescribed for anyone wanting a wonderful moisturizing, healing all natural soap with hint of cherry warmth.