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Puff'd Organic Hair & Body Powder with Lavender Essential Oil

As a Southern company we want to bring back some  Southern traditions that seemed to have been lost within generations! Especially products that are great for your body!

And Puff’d Hair and Body Powder is one of them. In older days they didn't know that Talc could have carcinogenic properties! Now we know! And Puff’d is Talc free! 

Puff'd is an Organic, All Natural Body and Hair Powder.

Arrowroot, detoxifying Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay and Baking Soda help to keep deodorizing bacteria at bay while Lavender essential oil aids in healing the skin itself!

Puff'd is also a wonderful deodorant for feet and for chafing body parts!

Also wonderful with sweat in summer months and perfect  for babies bottoms and other body parts. 

We have also found that it's great to use in your hair by slightly squeezing the bottle and pushing out air and just a small amount of product into your hair.

If you squeeze gently you will not be getting too much powder which would cause your hair to look white but it gives it great texture and helps with overly oily scalps.

Prescribed to everyone. Makes wonderful baby shower gifts, stocking stuffers and don’t forget the perfect treat for your hair and body! 

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