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Raspberry Preserves Reconstructive Milkshake for Damaged Hair

Raspberry Preserves is an innovative Reconstructive Milkshake spray that remineralizes your hair to treat dry ends and controls frizz. Natural silicones that come from raspberries protect hair from heat and mechanical stress; preventing split ends and damage. Talk about science and Mother Nature working together! The result is healthy shiny hair.

Give this sophisticated two-phase formulation a good shake before using it. That's why we call it a "milkshake!" Once shaken well, spray it onto damp hair. One or two pumps is all you'll need.

Raspberry Preserves is a perfect prescription for anyone with dry, brittle medium to long hair.


  • Replaces minerals for healthy shiny hair
  • Protects from split ends and damage
  • Corrects damage from environmental stresses
  • Reconstructs stronger, thicker and fuller hair
  • Heat protection from styling
  • Flattens cuticles to control frizz



  • Natural silicones
  • Natural marine ingredients including seaweed, algae, and sea kelp combat damage from chemical processing and aging.