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Texting Texture Finishing Spray

Texting is a translucent dry hairspray that creates instant volume and texture. Use it to create three-dimensional texture, tousled waves, and pump up the volume.


Organic mallow, burdock, horsetail, and lemon peel condition each strand of hair. Plant proteins and peptides create and amplify structure. They also protect your hair from color fade and premature aging.


Use on damp hair to get instant volume with added heat. Use it on dry hair to create as much volume and texture as you desire. It plumps each strand allowing you to create volume galore!  It's perfect for backcombing and getting heavy-duty volume at the crown - a life saver for people with fine limp hair. Plus it also acts a great hairspray as well!


Prescribed for anyone who needs volume and texture or wants a little rock n' roll style.