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TransFoamation Alchemic Gel Mousse Conditioning Whip

Experience the height of styling products with TransFoamation Alchemic Gel Mousse.

As a uniquely different styling tool, it is designed to give hair the control of a gel with the added benefits of a conditioning mousse whip.

Gel + Mousse Whip = the perfect styling duet!

An alchemic styling tool for no crunch volume, gorgeous curls, medium hold & crazy shine.

Super enriched botanicals such as Purple Passion Fruit, Hawaiian Awaphui, Kiwi, Mango, & Ginger nurture hair & scalp with conditioning properties while adding crazy Texas style Volume, medium hold & Southern summertime shine!

Created using no alcohol, & has a low 6% VOC.

It's not only wonderful for your hair but the environment as well! Perfect for Southern humidity & frizz control! Prescribed to anyone that wants to leave their hair curly or for skinny hair because of the crazy volume & hold it provides while still allowing movement, no crunch hair!